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              These  products are hygienic waterproof protective covers for your mattress and pillows. The top surface of the cover absorbs your  usual nightly body moisture and other accidental fluids, with  the waterproof breathable membrane backing ensuring that no moisture leaks get through to your mattress. This ensures the mattress or pillows do not suffer premature wear and tear that can invalidate the warranty and shorten the life of a product. By eliminating the risk or staining and moisture build up leading to a potential of mould, bacteria and other allergens growing within, your mattress will stay cleaner and more hygienic. These snug fitting covers  also prevent your dead skin cells from accumulating in the mattress and pillows so eliminating the major food source of dust mites (bed bugs) who's allergens many people find iritate them in their sleep, the use of the protectors puts a barrier between you and the mites preventing you inhaling any of the things that can cause wheezing, coughing, nasal congestion and can aggravate asthma sufferers.

              The covers are designed like fitted sheets and have deep sides fitting up to a 32cm depth in the larger sizes.  The covers are easy care, machine wash at 60ºC and tumble dry hot to ensure they are hygenic and sterile. 

              Basic mattress protector range.

              Basic mattress protector range. Prices from

              Premium protector range.

              Premium protector range. Prices from

              Tender touch protector range.

              Tender touch protector range. Prices from

              Premium Pillow protectors

              Premium Pillow protectors

              Tender Touch pillow protectors

              Tender Touch pillow protectors

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