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              At Forty Winks we stock one of Scandinavia's largest manufacturers of high-quality waterbeds.

              Advantages of an Akva waterbed

              • The waterbed is available in a number of stabilisations, eg. a mattress with 6 layers of fibres eases immmediately.
              • The vinyl, which is laminated in two layers, reduces the risk of leaks in the matress because the hole has to be at the same place in case of water spills.
              • The vinyl is softened with Mesamoll from Lanxess resulting in a mattress free of phthalates and heavy metals.
              • Akva has more than 25 years of experience with the production of waterbeds
              • The high quality waterbeds are based on continuous research and development and focus on quality.
              • The entire bed is produced under one roof.
              • A number of different elastic covers which are non-allergic as they are washable, some even at 90°.
              • The polythene back-side of the cover ensures a clean matress and lowers the number of necessary cleanings of the mattress. Furthermore, the special backside helps the top of the cover to keep its shape.
              • The low energy heating system has a night/day adjustment and foam edging provides isulation meaning that a waterbed does not use more power than a standard fridge in energy class A.
              • Free floating fibre layers which are adapted to the measurements of the mattress.
              • Due to the special form of welding, the mattress has only a limited number of weldings which reduces the rísk of leaks.
              • The mattress is easy to clean and therefore very hygienic. The impenetrable surface gives dust mites only few opportunities to enter into the core of the mattress.
              • The comfort of a water matress does not unlike ordinary matresses change over the years. An ordinary mattress is worn out over the years, but a water mattress keeps its original shape.
              • Water gives no pressure points - the sleep is more calm and steady because of less twisting and turning and subsequently you are more rested and have renewed sources of energy for the daily hardships.       
              • The waterbed is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

              As with our other mattresses, we do not sell these over the internet as we would advise people to try before they buy, especially if they have never tried a water bed before. Also the wide range of surrounds and stabilisations (firmness) that Akva offer to accomodate all tastes and comfort preferences makes this prohibitively difficult for internet selling.

              We encourage you to come instore and try our water beds for your self!!

              We do however sell the Water bed care products and pillows over the internet for repeat customers.

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